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We extend our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to share your reviews with us. Your feedback not only brightens our day but plays a vital role in the success of our small business. Your reviews serve as a guiding light, helping others discover the quality of our services and contributing significantly to our growth. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.


Liza, M.

I am new to Lenox and private trash removal services overall and I had no idea that garbage collection can actually provide this high level of service. Starting from very prompt and responsive email communication and ending with flexibility - it’s A++++. On my second collection week with them, I was crazed with kids in the morning and failed to have the trash out by 8. Not only they knocked on my door to make sure they fulfill the collection, they actually volunteered to haul my trash to the curb themselves. This is above and beyond and such a lifesaver to have. Truly personalized local service that takes very good care of their customers

Marianne, P.

Delmolino and Sons has an amazing crew! My husband was struggling to get trash container out of our shed this morning for our regular pickup. Dave, our Delmolino driver, was at a neighbor's house. When he was done, he turned around, pulled up in front of our unplowed driveway, climbed a snowbank, walked knee deep in snow to take the trash bags from my husband. This isn't the first time he has gone out of his way for his customers. We are forever Delmolino fans!

Greg, K.

Delmolino & Sons are fantastic! I sent an email to inquire about services/rates and Kyle responded to me within minutes. From that point on everything was/is 100% professional. The driver assigned to our route is great. No matter the weather, he is on time every week. Billing is easy to understand and very reasonable. Great people. Great company.

Beth, M.

I just switched a couple weeks ago and when I called this week for an extra pick up and told them I was sick (my voice was gone so I explained lol) the driver was sweet enough to bring my can up to the house without me asking. That little extra touch is something missing in todays service and I am so glad I switched! Nicest people!!!

Ginger, R.

I’ve had nothing but excellent service so far. My pickups have been neat, timely, and professional. Their prices are excellent. I ordered a second barrel and a recycling bin, and they were both delivered within two hours. I misunderstood my first recycling pickup and put my recycling barrel out with my regular trash. Not only did the truck still pick everything up, but the office called to remind me when my recycling day was and the frequency. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.

Holly, H.

Delmolinos is top notch. When you call you can actually reach a person or if you need to leave a message somebody is sure to get back to you promptly. Reliable. Dependable. Friendly. Good value.

Janice, W.

We recently found ourself in a bind when our previous hauler decided to cancel our service without telling us. It only took one call to Delmolino & Sons, who stepped right up to help us out, even though we knew we were asking a big favor. We have used their services in the past for bigger cleanups, but now they will be our company of choice full time. You don't give your trash much thought until it sits for almost a month (when you have biweekly service, you just think you got your weeks wrong) and then you realize how important having a dependable service is. Thank you, Delmolino & Sons, for helping us out - and yes, with kindness, professionalism and promptness! You're the best!

Karen, R.

Kyle was very pleasant and professional, from first contact to the very end of this experience. The dumpster was delivered promptly, the driver was friendly and courteous while dropping it, explaining the rules to be sure we understood, and during the pickup 17 days later (they give you three weeks). When we explained there were "rude folks" using the dumpster Kyle made us the first pickup of the day! Thank you SO much!!

So courteous, friendly, professional and the prices are very reasonable. I will definitely call them again, and strongly encourage you to call them too for all your trash removal needs!

Greg, P.

I'd give 10 stars if possible! Here's my story:
My whole family is down and out due to COVID right now. I was debating all day yesterday if I had the energy to move our cans from our backyard to the front.
When we started with Delmolino last month, the driver wanted to see where we kept our cans, which is in the back up against our house.
Well, today, without any prompting from me, he went in the back and emptied our cans into the truck! I can't thank him enough.
There are certain other, larger companies that are in the area that don't bother to get out of the truck to help. I really appreciate this service, and will be a customer for life! Thanks!

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